Buffalo Hills
Star-Orion South Diamond Project

FALC Joint Venture

Kensington Resources Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Shore, holds a 69 percent ownership position in the FALC-JV with Joint Venture partner Newmont Canada FN Holdings ULC holding 31 percent.
• Over 70 kimberlites identified
• Macro Diamonds recovered in 34 kimberlites - 70 percent considered gem quality including a 10.53 carat Light Fancy Yellow and a 45.95 carat stone from Orion South

Orion South Geological Model

The Joint Venture properties contain enormous volumes of kimberlite, with the Orion belt containing 7 kilometres of continuous kimberlite.
• Orion South geological estimate: 333 - 375 million tonnes*
• Orion Centre geological estimate: 150 - 167 million tonnes*
• Orion North geological estimate: 600 - 800 million tonnes*

*Geological models

The Taurus Cluster to the west of Orion with more than 6 kilometres of contiguous kimberlite, has the potential to host hundreds of millions of tonnes of kimberlite.

Orion, Taurus and Star Kimberlites


Orion South Aerial Photo

Shaft location and LDD (looking south)

Orion South Shaft Map

March 3, 2008

Orion South Section Maps

FALC-JV Section Map 

FALC-JV Section A 

FALC-JV Section B


Orion South Underground

Document Downloads

Technical Report and Resource Estimate on the Fort à la Corne Joint Venture Orion South Diamond Project - September 25, 2009

FALC-JV Technical Report - March 19, 2009


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