Environmental Impact Statement

Shore Gold Inc. considers the economic, social and environmental effects of all its activities.  Adhering to the fundamental concept of sustainable development, Shore attempts to achieve a balance of these three factors, and conduct its activities in a manner that does not limit opportunities for future generations.

Shore is committed to protecting the environment and minimizing the effects of its activities on the Fort à la Corne forest and its soil, water, vegetation, air and wildlife.  Some ways that Shore is protecting the environment include:

•  Progressive reclamation of disturbances so the forest can begin regeneration quickly

•  Making sure that drill pads and access roads are as small as possible while not compromising a safe work environment

•  Regular sampling and analysis of groundwater and surface water

•  Recycling (water, paper, wood and metal) whenever possible

•  Proper storage and disposal or recycling of used oil and other hazardous goods

Baseline Information

A good understanding of the existing environment is essential for good planning.  This information can be used to ensure that operations have as little impact on the environment as possible.  As such, Shore has conducted the following baseline studies in its Project area:

•  Surface water

•  Ground water

•  Terrestrial

o   Wildlife

o   Vegetation

o   Soil

•  Air quality and noise

•  Archeology

•  Fish and fish habitat

•  Geochemistry

•  Non-traditional land use

•  Traditional knowledge and traditional land use (ongoing)


Regulatory Compliance and Environmental Responsibility

All of Shore’s current activities conducted in Saskatchewan are permitted and regulated by the Ministry of Environment.  Conditions attached to various permits require collection of environmental data and annual reporting of results.  Some of the plans and programs developed by Shore to fulfill its environmental responsibility and meet permit conditions include:

•  Hazardous Substances and Waste Dangerous Goods ("HSWDG") Contingency Plan

•  Spill Contingency Plan – Surface Exploration

•  General Spill Contingency Plan

•  Environmental inspection logs

•  Sampling and water quality testing of surface and ground water

•  Daily inspections

•  Application and permit/approval log

•  Independent HSWDG site audit

•  Waste Management Policy

Progressive Reclamation

Progressive reclamation is a strategy that minimizes disturbances to the forest at any one time.  The concept is to reclaim any disturbances as soon as possible, and reclaim an equal area of ‘old’ disturbance whenever a ‘new’ disturbance is created.  The intent of reclamation is to create a hospitable environment so that a natural forest can regenerate without special management.

To reclaim a drill pad, Shore first replaces salvaged topsoil, then rolls back vegetation and logging slash over the site.  The topsoil layer contains native seeds and roots that can restore the understory species, and contains most of the nutrients.  For the tree species, Shore uses natural re-vegetation, taking advantage of the naturally occurring seeds in the slash.  The jack pine forest is adapted to frequent forest fires, and jack pine cones require high temperatures to open up and release seeds.  In addition, jack pine seedlings prefer to germinate on exposed mineral soil.  Direct sun shining on the pine cones is enough to release the seeds, and reclamation creates a good balance of nutrients and germination sites.  In time, small pine seedlings establish and start to grow.

Shore revisits these reclaimed sites to make sure that the young forest is continuing to grow and Shore is in constant communication with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment to make sure it is on track.

Special Studies

Shore has initiated some special studies that will assist it in future reclamation and planning:

Revegetation trial – an area has been set up to test different reclamation materials and different revegetation methods.  Shore has established a test plot where various soil treatments (sand, sand/fine processed kimberlite mixes, and sand/coarse processed kimberlite mixes) are being examined for their potential to revegetate using different techniques (no treatment, standard reclamation, cone placement, jack pine planting and seeding to grass).  This study was initiated in 2008.

Long-term storage of coarse processed kimberlite study – rock that has been underground may react with oxygen and is subject to weathering once brought to surface.  Three piles of coarse processed kimberlite were constructed in 2008 to examine the effects of weathering on the coarse processed kimberlite.  Any runoff water from these piles will be collected and analyzed to see if weathering has released any minerals or other compounds from the kimberlite. 

Well Water Survey

Shore Gold is looking for people in the area of the proposed Star-Orion South Diamond project to participate in a well water survey. Shore Gold is especially interested in hearing from residents who have a well within 20 km of the proposed Star-Orion site. The survey seeks information on water wells, including location, depth and age of the well(s), and water quality and quantity from the well(s).

The information gathered will be compared to the information about local wells that will be collected from the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority database. After review of the information provided through the questionnaire, Shore Gold may call the resident to arrange for a site visit to collect further information, such as depth to water in the well, to sample water chemistry, and/or undertake a short-term pumping test to determine the amount of water the well can produce. All information collected during this visit will be provided to the resident.

Shore Gold is interested in data from both active and inactive wells, regardless of depth. Shore Gold intends to use this information in the Environmental Impact Assessment, and to more accurately model regional groundwater systems.

If you have, or know someone who has a well within the survey area and would like to participate in this study, please click on the link below to obtain a copy of the questionnaire or contact us at shoregold@shoregold.com or (306) 664-2202.

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Star-Orion South Diamond Project Environmental Impact Statement - Executive Summary

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