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Corporate Profile

Shore Gold Inc. (“Shore”) is a Canadian-based mineral exploration and development company with its head office in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The Company's mineral property portfolio consists of diamond properties, the most advanced being the Star - Orion South Diamond Project which is comprised of the Star Kimberlite deposit and the Orion South Kimberlite deposit .

The Company continues to focus the majority of its financial and technical resources on Star – Orion South Diamond Project. The Star - Orion South Diamond Project is 100% held by Shore.

The Star – Orion South Diamond Project (the Project) is located in the Fort à la Corne (FalC) Provincial Forest approximately centred at 53° 15' N latitude and 104° 48' W longitude and situated 60 km east of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Shore owns 100% interest in 189 mineral claims totaling 42’979.102 Ha which overlie the FalC kimberlite deposits. The Star-Orion South Diamond Project is located within the main claim holding area including 181 contiguous mineral claims totaling 40’739.102 Ha.

The Company has granted to Rio Tinto Exploration Canada (“RTEC”) four options which in aggregate permit RTEC to earn a 60% interest in the Fort à la Corne mineral dispositions (including the Star - Orion South Diamond Project).

The Company holds approximately 33 percent interest in the Buffalo Hills Project in Alberta.

The common shares of Shore trade on the TSX under the trading symbol "SGF".

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