Community Engagement and Environmental Impact Assessment

On December 22, 2010, Shore submitted an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed Star-Orion South Diamond Project.   An overview is provided in the Environmental Impact Statement section of the webpage along with the Executive Summary.   After a period of initial review during which provincial, federal and Aboriginal reviewers will have an opportunity to submit comments, Shore will be asked to file any supplementary information a properly arising from the comments, and the EIS will be made available for public comment.   

Community engagement and feedback is a key part of the EIA process and will inform the Environmental Impact Statement.  To this end, Shore held an initial series of Open Houses in February, 2009 in Smeaton, Nipawin, Melfort and Prince Albert, and is holding a second round in June, 2010.  The format involves a series of displays, maps and simulations and provides an opportunity for members of the public to submit questions or comments.  The Open Houses have four stations, dedicated to Geology, Mining and Processing, Environment, and Employment and Procurement.  Professionals in each area attend to staff the displays, answer questions and take comments.

The first-round of Open Houses attracted over 1000 people, and proved to be a successful exercise both in conveying Shore's plans and receiving input from members of the public.  It was clear that the public supported development, under appropriate environmental standards.

The second round of Open Houses were held June 14-17 in Meath Park, Choiceland, Nipawin, Tisdale, Melfort and Prince Albert.

In addition, Shore remains in regular contact with the communities of the region in which mining would occur through the Diamond Development Advisory Committee. The committee is made up of representatives of cities, towns, villages, rural municipalities, First Nations and Métis Regions in the area, and is a valued vehicle through which two-way communication between Shore and the community is maintained.

Environmental Interests Workshop

Over the last few years, Shore staff and consultants met with many hundreds of Saskatchewan residents at Open Houses and at other large public events. In addition, Shore wanted to offer communities, stakeholders, environmental organizations, Aboriginal parties and the academic community the opportunity to receive detailed technical information about potential environmental impacts, as well as to participate in discussions and provide input, in an interactive workshop setting.

The Environmental Interests Workshop held in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan on October 26, 2010 included a broad cross-section of parties.  It involved detailed presentations by technical experts, and an opportunity for input concerning technical issues and socio-economic considerations.

The workshop also provided Shore with the opportunity to provide detailed information concerning questions which had been raised at public engagement events.

Materials presented at the workshop, as well as a report describing input received, is included below.

Workshop Summary Report

Workshop Kit Materials


Open House Poster Board Presentation

Open House Handouts









Open House 2010 Information
Open House Welcome
  Safe Harbour Statement
About Star-OS
Geology - Exploration Methods
  Star-OS Highlights
Environment - Baseline Studies
  Environment - Diamond Mining & Processing
Environment - Water Management
  Environment - Monitoring & Reclamation
Employment Opportunities



Questions or Comments

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